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Anonymous Female

I wonder why we carry the names of our fathers as our last name when it is the women who actually hold our families together?

They ensure heirlooms are passed on, recipes are practised and customs are followed, even for and on behalf of the male members of their family. They are the seeds and also the roots that hold us together in the common ground called family.

- Loki,  Week 07


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DESCRIPTION:  This is a collage of thumbnails of the artistic responses that are part of this theme. Each thumbnail of the image has a background that corresponds to the week in which it was submitted. There are 11 artworks under this theme. This is the colour scheme and the total number of images for each week: Week 3,red: 2, Week 4,light purple: 4 , Week 5,light blue: 1, Week 7,light yellow:3,Week 8, sea green:1


True. But it is not only in lineages that women’s presence is erased. The routineness of housework often makes it unworthy of attention and necessitates its own erasure. Women in all their intersecting locations also vanish in a range of social spaces, which are too numerous to be named. Not to mention those assigned female at birth who reject the identity, or those who claim a female identity post birth. The category ‘female’ is at risk of vanishing physically, discursively and from memory itself. To be unworthy of being remembered is perhaps the ultimate manifestation of prejudice.

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