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Juxtaposition of Purity and Pollution

I grew up around a strong sense of “purity and pollution” – ideals which teenage rebellion questioned but today as I’ve realised, the subconscious internalised. But as contrasts often tell us, there is always room for grey. Why else would flowers grow right after a pile of garbage on the street?

- Jeisi Amawasa, week 01


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Room for Grey


Up to You


Through the Alleys


I Hold

my Breath


Wild Garlic Flowers


Words are Not Enough


Chee or Yum


It Doesn't Stop There


Body wash


Chicken and Eggs


DESCRIPTION:  This is a collage of thumbnails of the artistic responses that are part of this theme. Each thumbnail of the image has a background that corresponds to the week in which it was submitted. There are 10 artworks under this theme. This is the colour scheme and the total number of images for each week: Week 1,peach: 6, Week 4,light purple: 1, Week 5,light blue: 1, Week 7,light yellow:1, Week 8, sea green:1 


Binaries keep social hierarchies intact and tacit. They ensure that inequalities remain durable by masking the many shades and contradictions within them. The power of binaries in structuring our imagination implies that any effort to challenge them by demanding that they present their definitions and logics of existence carries embers of hope for a deeper understanding of the structures by which we evaluate the worth of each other’s existence. 

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