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Welcome to See-Saw


Welcome to See-Saw. See-Saw is an attempt to collectively reflect on the many layers of identity and prejudice through a range of multisensorial artistic engagements. Artists from various art forms came together to deepen their inquiry into strongly-held beliefs, assumptions and stereotypes by delving deep into themselves and their everyday lives and networks and challenging the boundaries of their creativity in the process.



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DESCRIPTION:  This is a sound compilation of the voices of some of the participating artists. We hear snippets from their various notes and artistic responses in english and hindustani. There is a piece of music playing in the background.The audio transcript is provided above.


DESCRIPTION:  A collage of many artworks - comprised of layered images, notes and sketches- appears momentarily on each page as the pages flip.

This website is a start of a conversation which we hope doesn’t end with us. Given the theme, especially in an extremely pluralistic society like ours, we are aware that this is in no way exhaustive. Though we were conscious to invite artists marginalized by caste, religion and gender, our aspirations towards greater inclusivity are still extremely lofty. We welcome you to join us by exploring this website, sharing your thoughts, disagreements, and maybe leading a similar initiative centering more perspectives, ideas, and artistic forms.

We hope you enjoy engaging with the website by learning more about the project, the different artworks and the conversations through our reflections.


There is no right way of navigating this website but we recommend you look through the About page. The exploration of the website grounded in this information could help you connect better but you are most welcome to free-float!


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