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Earning a Name

‘The first time I wrote a poem in class 7, my English teacher was convinced that it was my father who wrote it for me. I let her believe that because I hate confrontation. It took them 4 other poems and 3 poetry competitions to understand that my hands can do poetry.

I remember doing a science school project with two other kids where the teacher was sure that the idea didn't come from me. She only believed after my two other partners told her that it was my idea. I finally realized that it was not because of the brilliance that they doubted if it was me but because they were doubtful that the brilliance came from me’                                   

                                                                              - Street Store Dolls, Week 02


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Breaking In


The Sacred River


Eyes, Eyes,

Eyes ...


Prove Your ...


The Contents

of Merit


Scripts of Merit


GREAT Toboggan


Where is

my Medal?


A Rose




Random Names at a Railway Station


Counting Privileges


Told and Retold


DESCRIPTION:  This is a collage of thumbnails of the artistic responses that are part of this theme. Each thumbnail of the image has a background that corresponds to the week in which it was submitted. There are 13 artworks under this theme. This is the colour scheme and the total number of images for each week: Week 2, light green:8, Week 5,light blue: 1, Week 7,light yellow:2,Week 9,mustard:1, Week 10, dark purple:1


While it would be wonderful to realize in real life the principle of the intrinsic worthwhileness of all humans, this aspiration eludes realization. Social hierarchies necessitate that only some have the right to exist merely by virtue of their being human, while the vast majority have to prove their right to survive and thrive by adhering to various criteria of merit and achievement. Hence, the very concepts of respect and merit suggest that human life is perceived by the state and other power regimes as inherently worth living and one has to prove one’s right to claim society’s resources. 

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